Roy: Goal setting in medical records (Leadership view — Personality empowerment)

It is the achievement towards which effort is directed it is the terminal point in a race.- (Goal Definition)

When you set no Goals for Growth; You set your Goal for no Growth –(Robert Schuller).

Medical Records — Administration

“Getting things done through the effort of a group of number of groups of people”

Hospital Administration are Planning, Organization, Co- Ordination, Implementation and Evaluation.-like a Pyramid.

Four Basic Management Functions are Planning, Organizing, Controlling, Actuating.

Without goal we will not be able to achieve anything.

Benefit of Setting Goals

  1. Motivation

  2. Decision Making

  3. Reduce Stress

  4. Improves Health

  5. Promote Enthusiasm

  6. Build Confidence

What Happen When There Are No Goals

  1. Aimless Running

  2. Losing Prize

Why People Fail To Set Goals

  1. Lack of Awareness

  2. Fear of Failure

  3. Lack of Desire

  4. Fear of not being Perfect

  5. Procastination (postponement)

  6. Laziness

How to Set Goals: (Medical records & association)

Vision----Mission Statement- ------Swot------Areas-------Goals-------Action Plan-------Schedule Review

Needs a Vision

  1. Vital

  2. Inspiring

  3. Simple

  4. Integrating

  5. Owned

  6. Needed

Mission Statement

  1. Basing on your Vision you have to make a Mission Statement

  2. Mission Statement is achieved through a series of Mile Stones Called Goals.

Swot Analysis

  1. Strengths — Build on

  2. Weakness –Dilute

  3. Opportunities — Grab

  4. Threats — Encounter

Gaols Should Be Smart

Figure 0

Check List: Don’t confuse Goals with day dreams

Action plan

  1. Planning is God’s method

  2. You can make effective use of time

Figure 0
Figure 0

Different Areas a Person Has To Set Goals

Figure 0


Great Leaders know how to effectively delegate responsibilities and empower others to accomplish the Specific Goals.

  1. Delegation is not a single act, but several bases.

  2. Set clear goals

  3. Prepare an action plan

  4. Provide support

  5. Provide accountability

Figure 0

The devil does not mind your Commitment as long as you don’t put them into Practice. So start doing something today.


A good employer-employee or supervisor – Subordinate relationship will help in the actuating function of management. “A good medical record practitioner must analyze the procedures, delegate duties, supervise personnel and instill into them an enthusiasm for their work and keep the department abreast of times”.

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